ME 5 Hydraulic Cylinder

ME 5 Hydraulic Cylinder
Product Description

63mm ME 5 Hydraulic Cylinder


Bore - 63  Rod - 28  Mounting -  ME5  Stroke -  variable
Max. Push Load -  4.48  Max. Pull Load -  3.6

28 28 M20 x1.5P 75 f8
45 28 M20 x1.5P 88 f8
45 M33 x 2P

More Information

Standards: The installation dimensions and mounting types of the cylinders comply with standards ISO 6020-2

Nominal pressure: 160 bar (16 MPa)

Static test pressure: 240 bar (24 MPa)

Minimum pressure: Depending on the application, a certain minimum pressure is required to ensure proper operation of the cylinder. If no load is applied, we recommend a minimum pressure of 10 bar for single-rod cylinders.

Technical Details:

Sr No Part Construction Details
1 Barrel ST-52, ASTM A-106 Gr. B;
2 Piston Rod Made from medium Carbon Steel, ground, hard chrome plated and super finished
3 End Covers Made from Steel IS 2062, Machined. CNC finish available for quantities
4 Gland As three options, PB Bush, Cast or made from Steel directly. Bush is inserted for smooth operation of piston rod and for suitable guidance
5 Mounting Multiple mountings are available and correspond to as per ISO 6020-2
6 Self-Aligning Cushioning Boss Enable accurate movement inside cushioning chamber at the end of stroke
7 Cushioning Screws For free adjustment is available as an option
8 Air Bleed Screw provided for releasing trapped air in cylinder


Sr No Seal Type Description
1 Piston Seal Based on ISO 7425-1 and ISO 10766
2 Piston Seal DASTM variation for holding power
3 Gland Seal Dimensions correspond generally to ISO 5597
4 Wiper Dimensions correspond generally to ISO 6195. Metallic Wipers available for high temperature (+80C).
5 Static Nitrile Rubber ‘O’ Rings

80mm ME 5 Hydraulic Cylinder


Bore -
 80  Rod - 56  Mounting -  ME5  Stroke -  variable
Max. Push Load -    Max. Pull Load

36 36 M27 x 2P 82 f8
56 36 M27 x 2P 105 f8
56 M42 x 2P

100mm ME 5 Hydraulic Cylinder

Bore - 100  Rod - 70  Mounting -  ME5  Stroke -  variable
Max. Push Load -  11.3112  Max. Pull Load -  5.768712

45 45 M33 x 2P 92 f8
70 45 M33 x 2P 125 f8
63 M48 x 2P

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